• Couple in Love

    Couple in Love

    The Setting: Photograph couple in the beautiful autumn afternoon The Moment: As the leaves slowly change colour and fall off…

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  • Captain Steve Rogers

    Captain Steve Rogers

    The Setting: Creating a digital scene from the movie the Avengers The Moment: Having fun can be a great thing,…

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  • Jully Black Concert

    Jully Black Concert

    The Setting: May 5th inside the phoenix concert hall - Jully Black The Moment: Jully Black performs live at the…

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  • Baptism Covenant Celebration

    Baptism Covenant Celebration

    The Setting: Celebration of a baptist covenant celebration The Moment: Celebrating the birth of life is a special moment, likewise…

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  • Special Wedding Day

    Special Wedding Day

    The Setting: Wedding event pictures and cake cutting The Moment: Celebrating the big wedding day, sharing moments captured on camera and special…

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  • Perfecting Perfection

    Perfecting Perfection

    The Setting: Getting ready for the big event The Moment: Getting ready for a big day takes time, everything has…

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  • Lifting Mountains

    Lifting Mountains

    The Setting: Celebration of an wonderful engagement The Moment: Being engaged, having the highs of engagement and happiness surging through…

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  • Colourful Wedding

    Colourful Wedding

    The Setting: A couples colourful beautiful wedding The Moment: Weddings are a time for celebration. This celebration was nothing less…

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  • Cottage Sunsets

    Cottage Sunsets

    The Setting: Sunsets at a cottage The Moment: These shots were taken while at a cottage on an extremely humid summers…

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  • Treasures in the Sea

    Treasures in the Sea

    The Setting: Kayaking on a summers morning The Moment: This shot was taken while kayaking in a boat; the waters were…

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  • The Art of Death

    The Art of Death

    The Setting: Silhouette of dying beautiful flower against the blue cloudy sky The Moment: Sometimes even death can be beautiful.…

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  • The Hay Field

    The Hay Field

    The Setting: Pumpkins and family fun at a Hay field The Moment: Capturing photos pumpkins and different squashes, also kids having fun…

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  • Sunset on a Lake

    Sunset on a Lake

    The Setting: Sun setting on a hot summers night. The Moment: Capturing photos of a boat on a lake while…

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  • Frozen in Time

    Frozen in Time

    The Setting: Frozen tree and foliage with berries The Moment: These photos were taken in Toronto's Ice Storm. We captured these moments…

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  • Field of Solitude

    Field of Solitude

    The Setting: An empty muddy field, broken damaged trees, dark sky's The Moment: This shot was taken on a wet…

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  • O’ Holy Night

    O’ Holy Night

    The Setting: A beautiful Christmas tree on Christmas night The Moment: This shot was taken by our very own Ryan Ramcharran. This is…

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  • The Pink Paddles

    The Pink Paddles

    The Setting: Kayakers in water while sun begins to set The Moment: This shot was taken while kayaking on a…

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  • The Lonely Bridge

    The Lonely Bridge

    The Setting: A bridge in the middle of a forest. The Moment: This shot was taken on one of those…

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  • Blue Crawfish

    Blue Crawfish

    The Subject: A little blue crayfish in white sand The Moment: This moment was when we first received our little mascot…

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  • Puppy Love

    Puppy Love

    The Subjects: Two little puppies cuddling in the grass. The Moment: This was one of those little adorable moments where…

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