• Oktoberfest Flyer

    Oktoberfest Flyer

    The Subject: Oktoberfest Flyer for St. Mathews Lutheran Church The Item: We created Oktoberfest flyers for St. Matthews Lutheran Church. We wanted to…

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  • New Liquid Design Studio Website

    New Liquid Design Studio Website

    The Subject: Our very own Liquid Design Studio website. The Website: The best part of time is seeing something develop from…

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  • Old Liquid Design Studio Website

    Old Liquid Design Studio Website

    The Subject: Our very own Liquid Design Studio website we created several years ago. The Website: The best part of time…

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  • KIDnadian Sports Water Bottles

    KIDnadian Sports Water Bottles

    The Products: Customized concept art water bottles for KIDnadian Sports The Preparation: We prepared marketing water bottles for KIDnadian Sports. KIDnadian Sports…

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  • Our Company Pencil

    Our Company Pencil

    The Products: Customized pencils for our company The Preparation: We prepared marketing pencils for our company. The goal was to make one pencil that…

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  • Nano Systems International Website

    Nano Systems International Website

    The Subject: Website for subsidiary company for Systech Systems International Inc; Nano Systems International The Website: We created an animated website for…

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  • KIDnadian Sports Website

    KIDnadian Sports Website

    The Subject: Responsive Digital Canadian Sports Magazine website The Website: We created a responsive website for Canadian Kid Sports Magazine. We…

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  • Personal Trailer Website

    Personal Trailer Website

    The Subject: Responsive personal trainer website The Website: We created a responsive website for a personal trainer and MMA fighter, Amir Uddin.…

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  • Amnesty International Film Festival

    Amnesty International Film Festival

    The Subject: Amnesty International Film Festival - Flyer and digital email flyer The Item: We created flyers and digital flyers for The Amnesty…

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  • St.George’s Society Bar Menu

    St.George’s Society Bar Menu

    The Subject: Custom drink sign for bar advertisement for St. George's Society annual celebration The Item: We designed an animated custom sign…

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  • AngelSpeak Artwork Catalogue

    AngelSpeak Artwork Catalogue

    The Products: Customized artwork CD catalogue to organize products from AngelSpeak Publications. The Preparation: We prepared a personalized CD catalogue with printed artwork and…

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  • KIDnadian Sports Logo

    KIDnadian Sports Logo

    The Subject: KIDnadian Sports Logo The Item: We were asked to create a logo for a magazine in Canada called KIDnadian…

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  • Millennium Falcon Concept Art

    Millennium Falcon Concept Art

    The Design: Creating a millennium falcon craft sketch with digital shading and colouring The Moment: We had the opportunity to create a concept…

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  • Stand up Comedy Logo

    Stand up Comedy Logo

    The Subject: Logo for a stand up comedian The Item: We were asked to create a logo for a stand up…

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  • IM JAI 10X3 Banner

    IM JAI 10X3 Banner

    The Subject: A large banner for IM JAI The Item: We created a large tent banner with grommets for IM JAI. They were easily…

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  • VETS clan MP3 player

    VETS clan MP3 player

    The Subject: Functional flash MP3 player The Item: We created an animated flash player for a Battlefield 2 sponsored site named…

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  • Yellow Pages Schedule site

    Yellow Pages Schedule site

    The Subject: Yellow pages Calendar Schedule website The Item: We created an inter-website for Yellow pages. The websites goal was…

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  • Facebook Graffiti Drawings

    Facebook Graffiti Drawings

    The Subject: Facebook Graffiti drawings on various facebook walls The Item: We created and drew many facebook graffiti drawings on facebook public…

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  • Ironman Firework Launcher

    Ironman Firework Launcher

    The Prop: A professional firework launcher, where our client can launch fireworks remotely from the safety of their chair. But…

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  • Our New Business card

    Our New Business card

    The Subject: Designing our new Business card The Item: We re-designed our business card. The idea was  to keep it as…

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